What We Do

Accounts Receivable Funding

“For the RIGHT Cash Flow Solution”

          Jericho State Capital Corporation of Florida has developed innovative funding programs that are designed to help businesses in most industries that have an immediate need for cash, for growth, or just plain survival who may or may not qualify for traditional loans or grants.
Hundreds of businesses have found that Jericho has a myriad of cash flow solutions that are more viable than anything offered by conventional funding sources.
Jericho prides itself on its “Creative Financing Techniques”.
We Guarantee:

  • A simple streamlined application and quick approval process. (Most applications are approved within 24 to 48 hours.)
  • Low fees with no minimums
  • Flexible short and long-term payment arrangements.

         Jericho’s quick and easy flexible funding solutions give you and your Company the financial freedom to focus on growing your business.

         With Jericho’s wide array of experienced professionals assisting you and your Company, you will be able to:

  • Quickly improve your Company’s Financial Statements and Credit Rating not previously thought attainable.
  • Obtain cash discounts for early payments of your accounts payable (or other debts)
  • Offer better credit terms to your clients
  • Increase your purchasing power and have cash available for marketing, expansion and new equipment in addition to realizing those sought after Corporate Opportunities.
  • Meet payroll, pay your taxes on time, and eliminate the need to file for reorganization.
  • Obtain Bankruptcy Financing in concert with Chapter’s 11, 13 and in some cases Chapter 7 filings
  • Take advantage of Jericho’s excellent financial expertise, not limited to accounting, collection and credit-checking services.

          There are a wide variety of industries that rely on Jericho to maintain a steady flow of cash.
These industries include:

Personnel/temporary agencies Distributors
Trucking companies Apparel
Caterers Professional services
(legal, accounting)
Commercial Printers Medical groups
Commercial bakeries Physicians, Hospitals
Manufacturers Nursing Homes
Wholesalers Assisted living facilities
Importers Construction companies

         In summary, if your business generates an invoice and delivers a verifiable product or service, Jericho has a better way for you to manage your cash flow.

Medical Funding

         Those poised to best benefit from Jericho State Capital Corporation of Florida’s (Jericho) services include Physicians (i.e. General Practitioners and Specialists, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Optometrists, etc.), Associated Physician Groups, Hospitals, Out-patient Facilities and Clinics, Medical Staffing Services, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing and Convalescent Homes, Home Healthcare Providers, Medical Labs, Physical Therapy Groups, Physical Therapy Clinics, Dialysis Facilities, etc.

         "With the dismantling of the health care system over the past decade and a dramatic shift in the financial structures of all health care providers from hospitals to the private practitioner that put all health care providers in a precarious position… Jericho is literally 'just what the doctor ordered'"

          "Even for the most successful health care practitioners or organizations, long reimbursement waiting periods coupled with the very challenging bureaucratic billing structure of commercial insurance companies, HMOs and other third party payors often cause detrimental cash flow problems."

         While many would not freely or publicly admit it, health care organizations especially individual practitioners struggle each month to meet payroll and operating expenses because of overwhelming accounts receivable balances due and the paperwork mazes created by HMOs, Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance Companies."

If cash flow challenges are preventing you from:

  • Covering Payroll
  • Acquiring New Practices
  • Executing Partner Buyouts or Management Re-organization
  • Acquiring Ancillary Business Opportunities in a Vertical Fashion
  • Expanding your Staff, Operations and Facilities,
  • Acquiring state-of-the-art Equipment to remain competitive,
  • Taking that much needed, much deserved Vacation

We provide IMMEDIATE CASH RELIEF for Optimal Bottom Line Growth
Ideal for any Medical Related services in which
Insurance Companies and Governmental Agencies are the debtors.

Among those already enjoying the benefits of
Medical Funding are:

  • Physicians, including:
    General Practitioners
  • Medical staffing services
  • Associated physician groups
  • Physical therapy groups
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Out-patient facilities and clinics
  • Dialysis facilities
  • Rehab centers
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Medical labs
  • MRI centers
  • DME companies
  • Pharmacies

Our One-Stop Services Include:

  • Factoring of your Medical Receivables to instantly reduce the inconsistent cash flow created by the insurance industry and other third party payors.
  • Providing Management Consultancy Services that identifies the inconsistencies and problems in your billing cycles and shows you how to rectify them,
  • Executing Cost Reporting Services that enable you to maximize final settlement for cost-based reimbursement
    "At Jericho State Capital, our mission is simply to assist health care providers achieve more consistent cash flow and smoother operations. With the one-stop convenience, seasoned health care operations professionals, and financial strategists, clients should immediately realize enhanced bottom-line business growth."

         "At Jericho State Capital, our mission is simply to assist health care providers achieve more consistent cash flow and smoother operations. With the one-stop convenience, seasoned health care operations professionals, and financial strategists, clients should immediately realize enhanced bottom-line business growth."

Capital Markets

         The objective of Jericho State Capital Corporation of Florida (Jericho) is to offer full financial services to Corporate Executives, Sponsors, Managing Members, Corporate Directors, Developers and the like. These functions include evaluating the business Viability of each project, Funding Private, Corporate, or Partnership Equity, arranging for Equity, Structured Mortgage Loans, providing Subordinated Debt and offering Computerized Monitoring of cash flow analysis in connection to the Business Plan.

         At present we foresee continuing shifts in the Capital Markets as lenders and investors adjust to tax changes, as bank consolidations continue and as lenders leave and enter development markets.

         Jericho’s project flow yields constant information related to changes in appetite and current terms available from both foreign and domestic lenders. When a major lender recently declined a loan for an established client, Jericho’s access to other money center lenders enabled this client to secure alternative financing before the purchase option expired. Result: dollars saved and a successful $60 Million Acquisition and Redevelopment.

         To protect clients and lenders alike, Jericho goes beyond basic due diligence requirements. For example, in addition to compiling documentation for financing, Jericho’s team of professionals assist in evaluating Business Development Structures and Capital Implementation Mechanisms that increase bottom line value.

Our Mission is to offer clients a reliable source of Capital including Equity, Mezzanine and Senior Subordinated Debt. Our extensive relationships within the financial community and creative financing techniques, along with Jericho’s ability to provide funding directly, provides on-going sources of intelligence that can be profitably applied to our clients needs.

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